About Us

I am Cheyenne McCall, owner and CEO of Lark McCall. In 2019 I lost my mother and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. I felt so lost without my mother and didn’t know how I was going to make it through. I would dream about her and wake up crying. I asked God every day to help me through my grief and cancer.

As I prayed for healing and comfort I began to hear my mother’s voice and wake up from my dreams with Tasha Cobb’s song “For Your Glory,” in my head. This continued for weeks and I found my mother’s voice and the song giving me great comfort.

I knew it was God’s way of bringing me through the storm. His way of wrapping his arms around me and giving me the strength to keep going. For His Glory sweatshirt was inspired by this journey and faith. When I began to wear the sweatshirt I would feel stronger like I was dressed in His armor. For His Glory has been updated to our God Is My All attire.

He allowed me to catch my cancer early and after a bilateral mastectomy I am cancer FREE! With all that He has done for me I wanted to bless others and I created Lark McCall - beauty and apparel designed to inspire faith, fun, happiness and strength. 

God's grace and mercy inspire and strengthen me every day. It's Lark McCall's purpose to make you feel the same way. I look forward to His plans for me and Lark McCall. Have your way Lord! Be blessed and welcome to Lark McCall.